The house is in my spouse's name, not mine. Am I in trouble here?

Often a house (or car, boat, or RV - any titled property) may be in only one person's name instead of both - usually either for purposes of credit, or because the house was purchased prior to the marriage. If so, know that how the house is titled is not controlling in a divorce. Regardless of how the house is titled, it will be handled the same way in the divorce, and just like everything else - as a division of marital property. 

An important note here is specifying what part of the house is marital property. This depends on when the house was purchased (before or after the marriage began) and where the money used to pay for the house came from (earnings during the marriage or some other source). The factors that go into this determination can be very nuanced, so if you have questions about what portion of your home constitutes marital property you'll need to discuss the particulars of your situation with an experienced attorney.