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After someone passes away, their survivors must tie up the loose ends of the departed’s finances and property. This is done through the probate process, where the court of the deceased’s home county will transfer property based on either a will or intestacy law.

The death of a loved one is an emotional event. It can be difficult to tie up those loose ends while working through the grieving process. While Georgia’s probate process is much cheaper, faster, and more efficient that of other states, it is important to handle things the right way. More often than not, it is advisable to have an attorney there to help you:

▪ Determine if administration of the estate is necessary
▪ Have the appropriate person named executor
▪ Determine what property is part of the estate
▪ Determine how the estate property will pass
▪ Transfer title of real estate and vehicles
▪ Address any estate tax issues

If you need help probating the estate of a loved one in Forsyth County or Gwinnett County, call me at (678) 807-9150 and I can take care of this for you now – giving you one less thing to worry about.

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