The Lilly Law Firm can help with all aspects of your Cumming or Gwinnett contested divorce, including property division, child support, child custody, and alimony

Contested Divorce

Ending a marriage is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Aside from the marital relationship, divorce impacts your living situation, your finances, your belongings, your children, your family, your friends, your pets – essentially every aspect of your life. Things can be especially difficult due to the lack of finality – for many family law orders, there are temporary orders at the outset, “final” orders at the end of the case, and potential modifications for years to come. To get through the process, you’ll need support and guidance. I can help you get through this with your sanity, your dignity, and your bank account intact.

For divorces with or without children, most courts - including those in Forsyth County - now require mediation before hearing a contested divorce. In this process, both sides come before a neutral third party to try to resolve as many contested issues as they can before heading to trial. This can be good for you, because it’s faster, less expensive, and a less combative atmosphere than the traditional trial. People are also usually more satisfied with – and likely to follow – agreements that they have a hand in creating, rather than an order handed down from a judge.

Whether you’re in the potentially hostile environment of a courtroom or the more amicable setting of a mediator’s office, you should keep in mind that important rights are at stake, and many of the decisions that are made are final. I can address all aspects of the divorce with an eye towards amicably resolving disputes, but I will take it to court if that’s what is needed to best serve your interests.