Does each parent have to pay for half of extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities can be fairly minimal, or can be thousands of dollars per year, per child - especially if the word "travel" is involved. Because the costs are usually on the low end for younger children, parents often don't consider the costs at the time of separation, but only when they've reached their full, teenage levels. 

Does a parent receiving child support have to account for how the money is spent?

I'm frequently asked by parents who pay child support if they can demand an accounting from their ex of how exactly the child support money is being spent, as they don't believe it's going to the children (but rather a car, house, etc). This idea is the basis of the song "Gold Digger". 

How much visitation will I have?

Typically, the most stressful aspect of a divorce for a parent is the prospect of child custody. Rather than both parents having the children all the time, the children's time is divided and given to the parents by either agreement or court order. 

A question many parents have is how much custody time they'll have after the divorce. Many times, parents ask what standard visitation is.